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Udder Crap? The 'Crap App' Taking Farming Digital

Meet the Farm Crap App, the app developed by SWARM (South west agricultural and resource management) knowledge hub in partnership with Rothamsted Research North Wyke.

With already over 500 downloads on apple and android, it’s the most revolutionary idea within the farming community of 2014 since beards!

However, more than a humorous pun, it is highly efficient. 

Challenges of everyday farming have been made easier with accuracy, by marrying primary and tertiary industries through social media technology. The beauty of the information age, where the everyday collides with technology means life is faster, resourceful and reliable, resulting in rapid growth that is more attainable with the saving of time. It’s smart business practice. 

The app has 3 main components:

The calculator

This determines the amount of crop nutrients available in the manures spread at different rates, helping to meet crop requirements.

The image library

A visual reference to the spreading rate of the manure applied and the crop nutrients that contains.

Record sheets

To store field spreading events, assisting in farm reports.

With more smart phones in use than toothbrushes, reaching consumers at work, rest or play has never been simpler. Well-designed apps, such as the crap app must provide a specified service with information available when it suits the user. There must be benefits that reward them for their loyalty not to mention further resources and links to your product or service in one place.

Has your business thought about app development?

It's a form of marketing that your competitors might be using in the future! Apps continue to cement themselves in the mobile market and are here to stay.

In Flurry’s release of their 5 year report on the mobile industry, data taken from 450,000 mobile applications installed on 1.3 billion devices worldwide, states that native app usage on smart phones continues to grow. Findings show that users now spend 2 hours 42 minutes a day on mobile devices and of that time 2 hours and 19 minutes on mobile app usage. Mobile web browsing has declined from 20% in 2013 to 14% in 2014.

The Farm Crapp App proves that apps are applicable as a tool to fit businesses with even the most obscure seeming demographics! Although far from perfect and with room for improvement, this app shows how a bit of creative thinking and application of digital technology can prove more than useful.

The real question is then, can you afford not to have a business app?

Whether you want to converse until the cows come home, or provide plethora’s of current and useful information at the consumers fingertips, it’s far from a crap investment.

Content Writer - Chloe Smith

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