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Asana Crazy! The Task Management Tool Everyone Is Using

Asana, is a cloud based task management system created by Dustin Moskovitz (a co found of Facebook) and Justin Rosenstein (Google) from their experience of holding key product positions they decided to quit their jobs and collaborate in creating and launching Asana.

Their aim was simple, to replace four main elements of the boardroom, email inbox, documents, other files and notebooks and the white board. Using the 'Land to expand' strategy that has worked successfully for many new breed enterprise companies such as Salesforce, Dropbox and Yousendit. Its approach is centres not on people but productivity, demonstrated through their task centric orientation.

It allows you to communicate directly with your team, produce timelines and assign tasks, the ultimate Project Manager making scheduling seamless. Through API partnerships it enables you to integrate with relevant tools that you use on a daily basis; Google drive, Dropbox, Wufoo, Wordpress and MailChimp to name a few. You can assign tasks within the tools that you have integrated and feedback your progress into your Asana project timeline. This keeps you and your team accountable to actions that will keep you achieving. 

Why use it? There are three main reasons for us and in our experience of using it.


Versatility through integration cuts the time that you would use switching between apps to handle lots of things that have similar core functionality (Pipelines, milestones and to-to management.)


If you are a stickler for shortcut keys you will love Asana, it is so quick to navigate, and this is enhanced by its power features such as, My Tasks, Dashboards and Attachments. This helps you manage the micro and macro aspects of any given project. Luna, Asana's in house framework for writing web apps is an assistant in the area of speed for Asana too, all aspects that increase productivity.

Ease of use

You don't have to be an app expert to use Asana. Its simple layout is self-explanatory it requires zero in-house training time. Basically technophobe friendly suitable for the older less accommodating crowds.

As a process driven app, its best friends will be the process driven people, its success does rely to some degree on users to update progress, to effectively track and manage tasks. Some companies suggest that it works best for 8-10 people on a project, others have stated that it thrives particularly in Production and Marketing departments. 

But don't just take it from us! 'Mashable UK' have dubbed it the 'Tesla of Productivity Tools' some of their stats from client testimonials state 'elimination of emails by 50%, time return of 75% and one client claims to have employed Asana over a Project Manager'. Which let's face it, is nothing short of a saviour to the bottom line.

We use Asana and have found it hugely beneficial to our project management, forward planning and team communications as a small team that multiroles. We endorse it for SME start-ups and large organisations alike. It’s accessibility through IOS and Android allow you to stay on track no matter where you are.

We know that there is no greater teacher than experience and ours has been good, give it ago, you have everything to gain.

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