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How To Use Social Media Effectively For Your Business - 3 Companies Doing It Right

Your social media presence needs to be as strategic as your annual marketing plan, with specific timelines, projective content and investment.

This is the area that you cannot afford to bluff, or afford to be amateur in! Businesses large and small from start-ups to global corporations are being looked at for their social media presence.

What are the audience looking for?

A value, a reason to engage with your company above your competitors and to do that you need to stand out. As a teenager with more attitude than I could actively project, my mother would often correct me with 'it's not what you say it's the way that you say it.' That phrase like many others has proved to be true time and time again.

In this context, it's not always what you say it's the way that you frame it. The angle you take will help you to anchor your own in your field and breed influence. Successful angles currently, mostly, fall into these categories; intriguing, entertaining, good conversationalist, rewarding, quirky, good customer service, innovative. A good rule of thumb is to stick to your guns once you have picked your angle and create campaigns that compliment it.

So who is doing social media well...? In our opinion there are three companies that stand out the most.


Firstly with more than two million twitter followers. The Technology, Entertainment and Design organisation founded in 1984 has stormed online with their TED talks that cover the topical, tangible and taboo. They are a non-profit organisation committed to spreading ideas in the form of short and powerful talks (18 mins or less) and currently in more than 100 languages.

TED has created its culture with curiosity and accessibility through their YouTube channel, TED.com and blog, TED a blogging site that feeds back on the talks and makes recommendations. We are all a part of this process one approach is leaving our comments and suggestions on YouTube. This results in online Culture and Community advocating TED talks feeding a cycle of intrigue through the same platform or redirecting to another platform of access. Chances are if you want to know something about anything there is a TED talk about it. TED have claimed their angle and successfully so, through intrigue.

Oscar De la Renta

Secondly the angle of innovation, is particularly hard to put your stamp on, especially through the dynamics of the creative industry. This particular angle however is owned by Oscar De la Renta. It’s rare that high end fashion should brave the waters of technological innovation. However, their fall (autumn) line of 2013 debuted for the first time on Instagram, through Oscar De la Rentas publicist. A personal touch that gives intimacy between the brand and consumer, resulting in nearly 300,000 followers.

Using Erika Bearman, De la Rentas senior Vice President of global communications PR account, added the racy possibility of an inside leak. This secrecy was intensified by a total of seven images of the fashion line released one by one. Drip feeding innovation with timed, intervals to measure reaction rates is a smart experiment for this half-century old fashion house. One whose success is hugely encouraging for them to work with social media again.

Truffle Social

Thirdly, finally and our favourite in the area of social media, owning the angle of 'good conversationalists' are Truffle Social. Previously a PR agency, this small and honest agency have great relational skills from the get go. They have character, humour and cracking content that is led by answering 'why we do what we do?' which provides integrity.

This is backed by their conversational, ordinary, everyday tweets and fun loving Instagram pics, snapping just how social they are.

We love their knowledge and character combination, a recipe for quality delivery. We back them, with central presence and expect good things from them as they continue to build their empire across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

So it's simple, pick an angle, pick a platform, and pick your way to the top.

Go on give yourself the opportunity to be brilliant at something!

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