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6 Great Ideas For Social Media Posts

It can be daunting to come up with social media posts, ideas and concepts on what to publish.

We've created 6 ideas might help when thinking of how to promote your campaigns.

These are a couple of classic concepts to experiment with. Some can be seen as a bit cheesy, but maybe you can find your own fresh takes on them:



8 Tips for Facebook Business Pages


There are over 1 billion users on Facebook according to their recent reports.

Because of this, businesses have flocked to using this social network to help connect to current and potential new customers. However, Facebook pages can be difficult to manage.

To help out, we've posted our top tips for creating posts and content for your Facebook page.


'But do we really need a Facebook page?'

Fans of Mad Men or House of Lies will be all to familiar with pitching ideas to your clients or boss, working harder with particularly reluctant people!

The lovely people at Socially Stacked have provided an infographic for explaining the importance of a Facebook page.

Do you agree with the below?


Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, that I love Instagram

I've spent a lot of today wandering around London to engage my creativity.

Mainly to clear the mind and refocus. What I've discovered is the beauty London has, something I seem to rediscover every year come the spring/summer season. To capture and cling on the moments of beauty that I experienced, my first port of call was my smart phone camera, to then post my images to the world via social media.


What you need to know about Pinterest?

Pinterest is brilliant, fact. There have been a few changes made to their website. Have you heard about them?

After various bugs in the previous design, they have chosen to update us all with a friendly new interface. Check out the below info-graphic, created by PinAlerts and Avalaunch Media.

Anything Pinterest have missed out? Let us know below in the comment section.


TFMA 2013 - I'm here for my 5%

Today and tomorrow I'm at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference at Earls court.

Like all conferences, I'm expecting to hear a plethora of new information that is going to inspire me to work and strategize in a new way.

In reality at these type of events you end up hearing 80% of what you already knew with 10% new statistics creatively displayed to seem like new and ground breaking information. 5% is filled up with seemingly randomly generated percentages (Cough cough).


HMV and the rebel with a cause

Yesterday afternoon, if you could access your twitter feed, trouble was a brewing in the HMV head office.

A staff member, with 'sole responsibility' of HMV's social media accounts took to tweeting. But these tweets weren't the usual updates we are used to receiving from @HMVTweets.

The tweets from the company account announced a 'Mass execution of loyal employees who love the brand' with the HR department firing over 60 staff members. Heavy stuff!{rokcomments}


5 Reasons Why You Should Be On Google+

'What on earth is Google plus?' you might ask. 'What's all the fuss about?'.

You could in fact not be asking any questions at all, in which case you have:

a) not cared until this moment or

b) accidentally clicked on the wrong article

For those of you that are curious, I've put up my top 5 reasons why you and your business should be on Google+.


First Post / Social Media - Do you want a slice?

I thought it better not just to put a post up on a topic, or on a specific social media aspect. I thought what better than to talk about my thoughts on social media and the launch of this fantastic business.

It's been a long old road, some would say too long (more than likely the landlord demanding rent). But it's here and Status MEDIA has launched.

Why and how? you might ask. It's simple.


Be Sociable



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