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How To Quit Your Job Using Social Media

Sometimes, words just aren't enough to express your feelings of displeasure with your job.

Marina Shifrin decided to create this fantastic video to share her thoughts on her job.

Watch Marina's video

Are IBM Outsmarting Ebola?

Tech giants IBM take on their biggest virus yet… Ebola! This is not the first time that IBM have responded to international crisis calls.


Cuddlr: Making cuddles creepy?

We have had Tinder and Grindr, heard of Cuddlr? This new app helps locate and unite like-minded huggers nearby.

Click here for a cuddle...

Udder Crap? The 'Crap App' Taking Farming Digital

Meet the Farm Crap App, the app developed by SWARM (South west agricultural and resource management) knowledge hub in partnership with Rothamsted Research North Wyke.

With already over 500 downloads on apple and android, it’s the most revolutionary idea within the farming community of 2014 since beards!


Twitter - Social Media For Newbies

Since 2007, people in increasing numbers have been sending messages of 140 characters or less to people in their local area, and around the world.

But what is this Twitter phenomenon, and why is it so popular?


Instagram - Social Media For Newbies

Rapper Professor Green’s old Instagram biography made a joke about Instagram being some sort of internet vending machine for drugs. Of course, it is far from that, but with over 200 million users, why are people so addicted to it?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing service, which is available through its app, downloadable on iOS and Android phones. Users must have a unique username, and can take pictures and record videos (of up to fifteen seconds), edit them and upload to share with others within the app.


When Viral Content Goes Wrong: The Jeremy Meeks Edition

They used to say ‘good news travels fast’. And then social media was invented and it became ‘news travels, gossip travels fast, and pictures even faster’. There have been hundreds of pictures of ordinary people that have been shared thousands of times, memed and rememed, turning them into globalised internet sensations. All without even having to try.

What makes the latest person to receive this treatment interesting is that his picture is not of him doing something amusing, or in an awkward situation. It is his mugshot.


Putting social media to work - by @PerryTimms

The following blog post is taken from CIPD Blogs and was written by @PerryTimms, Social Media Engagement Adviser for the CIPD.

It's really good to see not only a piece of research into the macro issues and benefits of applying social media in the workplace but more so a range of case studies from different organisations that are putting social technologies to use.


So when I read this latest report by Jonny Gifford for the CIPD, I had an immediate positive reaction. Because this isn't about the liberalisation, democratisation or even casualisation of the workforce this is about trust and application. Humanity at work through digital connectivity.


#TBS2013 - Going social with your business idea

The following blog post was posted by Richard Branson in the lead up to the Business Start-up Show held at Olympia in London.

When I started my first business I knew I had a great idea and I was sure that someone would listen to me. As it was – my mum turned out to be my greatest champion and it was a push from her that set Virgin in motion 40 years ago.

Sometimes, in order to get that great business idea off the ground, you need someone to believe in you to give you the confidence to take it forward. People are always sharing their ideas with me and I really like the way that social media can be the perfect way to get the message out there.


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